Turtle Crossing

It’s that time of the year when turtles will be moving to higher ground to lay their eggs for a new generation. Drive carefully on the Byway, particularly in areas with wetlands on one side of the road and sandy geology on the other side.

Specific areas where you might see turtles taking this annual trip are along Canal Road in Halfmoon, Riverview Road in Clifton Park, and even Cohoes-Crescent Road in Colonie. On a warm sunny day the turtles seem to linger on the pavement longer than motorists feel they should.

If you capture a photo of this phenomena please share it here. I’ve been without a camera (shame on me) the last time I saw a beautiful rust splotched box turtle making her trip.

2 thoughts on “Turtle Crossing

  1. Eric, I walked across the [Whipple truss] bridge after work today and took an immediate right along the old canal toward lock 19. I ran across 6 turtles laying eggs. The dog was a little curious at the first few but ignored them after that. Until we came across a snapping turtle the size of a stop sign. I was trying to photo some orioles and did not see her. Good thing she had other things on her mind and not removing my dogs nose or foot. I will be adding the pictures to my website this weekend. I got a nice closeup of a baby woodchuck too, possibly eating a turtle egg.

  2. Mike:
    There has been a lot of observations of turtles laying eggs this year. Are there more turtles or is it a case of more people aware of turtle life cycles or have the turtle had to come to higher ground (where human’s tread) because of high groundwater levels? Maybe all three. I will look for your photos. Good stuff! Thank you.

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